The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative in Brazil (IRI-Brazil) is a platform that supports religious leaders, enabling them to expand their contributions towards climate balance, forest conservation, sustainable forest use, and the protection of indigenous peoples and local communities.


Bringing moral urgency and faith-based leadership to combat climate change, prevent the destruction of tropical forests, and promote the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Support for your religious community

Sensitization and empowerment of leaders and members.

Sharing teachings and messages about caring for creation.

Technical support for the development of ecological initiatives.

What we do

Build consensus

Facilitate dialogue among religious leaders, the scientific community, public officials, and business leaders.

Create opportunities

Create opportunities for religious leaders to develop tangible initiatives.

Facilitate learning

Equip religious leaders with scientific knowledge on how to care for creation.

Mobilize commitment

Encourage religious leaders to prioritize caring for creation and influencing the behavior of individuals, public institutions, and businesses.

Increase awareness

Increase the profile and visibility of the deforestation crisis, and the fundamental role that rainforests play in addressing climate change, achieving sustainable development of Brazil.

Influence public policies

Serve as a moral force for change to influence governments and companies to adopt, fulfill and expand upon commitments to protect rainforests.

Build coalitions

Facilitate new partnerships among religious and faith leaders, indigenous peoples, scientists, entrepreneurs, local communities, and public authorities to achieve positive environmental preservation and sustainable development outcomes.

Inspire action

Encourage the participation of new religious leaders in the mission of caring for creation in Brazil, with a special focus on climate and forests


Carlos Vicente

National Facilitator

Carlos Henrique


Flore Ferjani


Mayara Lima


Nuria Merched